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With the intent of full disclosure, we at worldwideRiches, from time to time, will create websites using the Wordpress platform. In these unique situations, the client's needs outweigh the disadvantages of Wordpress. Having said that, if you consider your website a critical component of your business, you should think twice before jumping into a Wordpress solution.

What no one will tell you about selecting Wordpress as your Content Management System (CMS)


The main selling point of Wordpress is the ability for site owners to update the site's content. This is true; however, what is not apparent is that there is a substantial learning curve to using the Wordpress' content management tool effectively. Additionally, since this tool is kludgy and unintuitive, you will find updating content time consuming and frustrating.

What they don't tell you...

In almost all of the Wordpress installations we have completed, the client eventually asks us to make the site changes because they are too cumbersome and time consuming. Furthermore, Wordpress documentation and tutorials are incomplete and inconsistent, causing hours of frustration to the novice Wordpress user.


Wordpress plugins are external software modules that can be added to your website to extend its functionality. Some popular plugins are contact forms and social media sharing tools, and most plugins are free.

What they don't tell you...

Plugins are susceptible to software bugs, hacking and viruses... and it happens a lot! In the past 3 months, we have been hired by 2 companies to solve their Wordpress hack and virus issues. The first company, was hacked via a gap in an installed plugin of a contact form. The hack installed political propaganda web pages and graphics, changed the admin password, and then started spamming the uploaded content to the world. The second hack also involved a security flaw in a plugin. This hack compromised the server and started sending thousands of spam messages per hour.


Since Wordpress is built on a template concept, your design is constricted to the design limitations of the template. In concept, it's simple: insert your logo, add a few pictures, add content, and your website is up and running.

What they don't tell you...

Yes, on the surface it sounds simple. However, designing a website that instills trust, exudes professionalism, and motivates a visitor to generate a lead or sale is more complicated... and one soon realizes the limitations of the template. Customizing/tweaking Wordpress templates soon becomes very expensive and time consuming.


Wordpress uses a CMS to build its web pages.

What they don't tell you...

Wordpress is slow! The CMS running on the server requires more server resources than a traditional web page. It requires the overhead of the management system to create the web pages, manage themes, and more. Therefore, the web page takes longer to build and loads slower. Also, Wordpress adds a lot of extra, unnecessary code to each web page, increasing the physical size of the page, thus slowing its delivery time to your phone or PC. Site speed (web page load time) is one of the critical Goggle keyword ranking factors; slow site speed can negatively impact your keyword ranking.


Wordpress and Wordpress plugins are in constant need of updating to newer versions. Why? Software updates are required to fix bugs and security flaws.

What they don't tell you...

Sure, the software upgrades are quite painless. However, Wordpress recommends backing up the code and underlying database prior to the upgrade. The purpose of the backup is to ensure that you can revert back to your previous working version in the event that upgrade corrupts your website. If your website's uptime is critical to your business, this task is essential. Unfortunately, it is also time consuming and costly.


There are Wordpress SEO Plugins for optimizing your website for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What they don't tell you...

Yes, there are plugins such as Yoast SEO. But, Yoast only allows a certain subset of elements to be optimized. You can not optimize your site' SEO 100% with a Wordpress plugin. Below are just several of the many items that SEO plugins can not eliminate or optimize on your website:

The other misconception, and the more important one, is that just by having an SEO tool installed on your site, it will be optimized. A tool alone does not optimize your site. You need the expertise and knowledge of how to use the tool. Implementing an SEO strategy is complex and comprehensive. It requires years of knowledge of how organic search works and the experience to create an effective SEO plan to accomplish your goals.


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Author Rich Stivala has been designing web sites and creating search engine optimization strategies for over 19 years.