6 Top Reasons Companies Switch to worldwideRiches for Hosting

  • frustrated by the amount of time spent maintaining and dealing with Wordpress, its plugins and issues
  • tired of spending hours on the phone with support
  • poor website and SEO performance
  • tired of communicating with non-US based support
  • flexibility to update content or have a wordlwideRiches expert update the content when needed
  • access to Wordpress experts

Tired of tech overload? ...mismatched solutions? ...and misleading information?

Finally, a completely managed website solution that delivers!

Introducing worldwideRiches'
"Fully Managed Website Hosting and Support"

Our Fully Managed Website Hosting and Support is for companies who view their website as an essential asset to their business's future. It's for businesses who appreciate the value of expert consultation, execution, support, and straight talk.

What is the True Cost of Do-It-Yourself Hosting?

Everyone agrees, the true cost of cheap, discounted web hosting is not the monthly fee you pay, it's your time, your site's performance during peak times, and lost customers!

As for time, it's your lost time spent away from running your business. Maybe it's time spent of the phone with incompetent support trying to identify and resolve technical website, hosting and e-mail issues. ...or maybe it's time spent learning about the latest technologies and accomplishing website tasks.

Either Way, It's Time Not Well Spent

If time away from running your core business costs you money, than you should consider our "fully managed solution".

Our service is designed for companies who want to focus their time and efforts on running their businesses; not on becoming website technology experts.

What is included in our Fully Managed Website Hosting and Support Solution

...and why you should consider our solution over cheap, DIY hosting services

  1. Our Managed Website Hosting and Support combines your web server and your website into one, holistic entity; gone are the days of the web host blaming the website design company and the web site design company blaming the hosting company
  2. High-performance Web and Wordpress Managed Servers
  3. 24x7x365 access to a Dedicated Support Team that provides expert support
  4. 100% US based hosting and support
  5. Secure Wordpress Managed Sites: Our secure managed platform eliminates the manual Wordpress and plug in updates and backups while protecting your site from hackers
  6. Website content updates included (or update the content yourself and rely on expert support when you need it)
  7. Access to Wordpress experts
  8. 20 year proven track record

Focused on Speed, Security and Customer Satisfaction

worldwideRiches Managed Website and Hosting Plans

Every worldwideRiches Hosting Package includes the following:

"Truly" Hassle Free

  • Website Hosting
  • Wordpress Managed Hosting
  • "True" Website and Hosting Support
  • E-mail Hosting
  • Secure (SSL) & Ecommerce Hosting
  • Website Maintenance and Changes

Keep Ypur Sanity with New Jersey's Best Website Hosting Company...

worldwideRiches packages the rare combination of web hosting and website support into one solution.

Plus, enjoy knowledgeable, experienced, straight talk and advice from our New Jersey and Florida based web experts.

Save Time and Eliminate Aggravation

Gone are the days of:

  1. researching the root cause of the problem to determine whether it's a hosting, software or website issue
  2. finding out if the hosting company or the website developer is responsible for fixing the issue
  3. getting the appropriate party to resolve the issue
  4. keeping up-to-date with the latest WordPress issues, bug fixes and security flaws

Why Our Customers Love Our Approach

Our proactive approach to website hosting and maintenance greatly reduces website issues and security vulnerabilities. However, if you do have experience an issue, have a concern or want to simply ask a question, our process is simple, give us a call and we fix it.

Website Hosting Experience Counts

Small Businesses & Fortune 500 Companies

With clients ranging from small local businesses to large Fortune 500 companies, worldwideRiches offers customized hosting solutions catered to your business's needs and budget. Our team of well-versed and expert hosting specialists ensures your hosting solution matches your business's requirements and goals. From Wordpress hosting to cloud hosting, our hosting plans are flexible and feature rich, delivering flexibility and expertise. We ensure high-speed access, a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and the ability to add critical application services.

Furthermore, our managed support is available 365x24x7 to address all questions and concerns.

Save Time and Money while Eliminating Tech Overload, Mismatched Solutions and Subpar Service

We would love to disucss your web project. Give us call at 908-709-1601 or email us and put our 20 years of client success to work on your project.

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