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Trust is an important characteristic of our law firm. The ability of our website to convey this is essential not only to our website, but to who we are as a law firm. The high quality of worldwideRiches' art direction, photography and website design not only accurately represents our firm, but has increased our case load. I highly recommend Rich and his team!

-Jarrett Schreck, Partner
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How often do you think a user clicks on a website and begins to read the text word for word?

As you may have guessed... almost never. Hence, a visual appealing, professional website the exudes trust is essential to your site's success. It's that simple.

Is it easy to read? Is there a compelling offer? Is it a mobile friendly design. The site's visual message and content must be engaging in both "what is says" and "how it is presented". The structure of the site, including headings and paragraphs, along with the use of keywords play a vital role in its success. This is web design!

How Does Site Design Impact Search Engine Keyword Rankings

Web design is a broad term for the variety of disciplines that go into producing a website. It encompasses everything from graphic design to search engine optimization, covering aesthetics to the ranking on Google. It includes hardware and software development as well as navigational development. Overall, web designers focus their efforts on the user experience. They ensure the website is comprehensive, usable, and accessible while following the current standards. Once a website's design is successful with users, higher search rankings and more business are sure to follow. With technology today, websites must be responsive to all devices, including mobile and tablets.

The Keys to Making a First Impression and Generating a Lead

A user's first impression of a website is invaluable and ultimately carries a lot of weight in the website's success. Because of this, there must be an initial hook to draw users in and keep them on the page. It only takes a second to go to a competitor's site! If users aren't engaged, you will lose the lead and a valuable opportunity. The best web design considers the fact that audiences have a short attention span. Information must be to-the-point with engaging titles and straight-forward navigation. It must incorporate a call to action to buy something or generate a lead. This can be done through gripping headings and a cohesive layout. The site must be clean and simple in appearance without distractions. Too many words (clutter) can be overwhelming to readers. If they don't see what they are looking for, they'll move on.

Additional Factor to Web Design Success

Additionally, it must be well written to convey professionalism and ensure all users can easy understand and interpret the information being given, plus people don't want to read more than they have to. The color scheme says a lot about the website and sets the tone for what's to come. It must coincide with the overall mood of the site as people associate certain colors with certain emotions. The choice between harsh, bright colors and soft, lighter ones influences the perception of the site. The graphics should best display what the company has to offer and be crisp and professional. Pictures and diagrams are the first thing the eyes will go to and serve as a simple way for potential customers to gage their interest with custom web design. As much as a site must be visually appealing, it must be equally as functional. Users should easily know where to go, what to click, and how to access the information they want and freelance web design is the way to go.

Trust and Professional Through Web Design

In this technological era, potential customers rely heavily on the internet. The user experience on a website has the power to influence people more than other forms of marketing. A good experience on a website says a lot about the business itself and allures customers. Additionally, the website must come across as professional to reflect the business as a whole and people won't trust unprofessional sites. Most importantly, a website is typically the first interaction a user will have with the company so it should be a good one!

Should SEO Impact Website Design

Top web design companies incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) to take the website to the next level. The use of keywords and phrases that improve a websites ranking is the key to getting web traffic in the first place. A well designed website is nothing unless users have a prime opportunity to access it.

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Author Rich Stivala has been designing web sites and creating search engine optimization strategies for over 18 years.


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Author Rich Stivala has been designing web sites and creating revenue generating search engine optimization strategies for over 19 years.