New Jersey

Located within the Tri-State Area, New Jersey consists of a wide variety of towns, ranging from North to South. Each area in Jersey is unique and has its own kind of ambiance, depending on whether it is considered a town or city, has neighborhoods or farmland, or is located closer to New York City or the Jersey Shore. Since every town and city is different than one another, New Jersey is a melting pot made up of diverse cultures and ethnicities.

New Jersey

New Jersey's Business Environment

Since each area in New Jersey varies, the state's towns and cities have different business environments. Some towns, such as Ridgewood, Morristown, Westfield, Red Bank, and Cape May, have centralized downtown areas that consist of stores and restaurants, bringing in visitors from all over New Jersey. On the other hand, Jersey areas that are considered cities, like Newark, Hackensack, Jackson, Vineland, and Atlantic City, have business environments that prosper from their diverse and ethnic cuisines, trendy attractions, and impressive shopping districts. However, although each town and city in Jersey is different, the majority of areas have some sort of Chamber of Commerce, an organization that connects local businesses to one another and encourages networking amongst them. Some Chambers of Commerce link local businesses together in a specific town while other organizations encourage networking amongst businesses within the same county. Overall, networking proves to be one of the most significant contributors to a business environment's success, which is why these Chambers are not only ideal to participate in for local companies such as restaurants, doctors, law firms, manufacturers, retail stores, as well as tech and web design companies, such as worldwideRiches.

NJ Towns


The heart of Montclair's business environment is located within its gorgeous downtown area. Ranging from high-end boutiques to trendy cafes and bars, Montclair's downtown area truly attracts visitors from all over New Jersey and gives the town an exceptional reputation. Additionally, the North Essex Chamber of Commerce encourages local businesses in Montclair to network with one another along with businesses in surrounding towns, such as Verona, Cedar Grove, and Caldwell. Due to the town's position as a college town because of Montclair State University's location, Montclair's downtown area prospers because it captivates students, young couples, and families.


Summit's business environment thrives due to its impressive downtown area, which consists of a variety of local businesses and restaurants. The town's downtown area constantly booms with community events that exhibit local businesses, such as street fairs and Summit Farmers Market showcases. The majority of these local venues are connected through the Suburban Chamber of Commerce, which also allows these businesses to connect with others in surrounding towns like Berkeley Heights and New Providence. Overall, Summit prospers through its business environment and attracts visitors from all over New Jersey with its noteworthy downtown area and welcoming ambiance.


Rahway's business environment consists of a variety of local businesses. Best known for its ethnic and diverse restaurants, Rahway attracts a multitude of visitors from other parts of New Jersey. In order to promote local businesses, the Rahway Arts and Business Partnership serves as a non-profit organization that focuses on connecting visual, performing, and cultural arts within the town. This unique aspect of Rahway just enhances the city's successful business environment.


Newark's business environment is inspired by its vibrant array of diverse cultures, which is directly influenced by its local businesses. Known for its trendy nightlife spots and ethnic cuisines, Newark's downtown area is unique and extraordinary. To add, the location of the Prudential Center also brings in numerous visitors to Newark, which proves to be a huge contributor to the city's thriving business environment. All in all, Newark's business environment is up and coming, leading the city to a bright and prosperous future.


The driving force behind Edison's thriving business environment is the town's unique array of diverse and ethnic restaurants. Additionally, visitors from all over New Jersey also travel to Edison for trendy new attractions, like Topgolf. Overall, the local businesses in Edison are connected through the Edison Chamber of Commerce, which encourages them to network with one another. Edison's up and coming business environment has given the town a very appealing reputation.


Freehold's business environment prospers due to its beautiful downtown area. The town is known for its wide variety of stores and restaurants as well as the live music and entertainment that is held in its center. In order to connect local businesses in Monmouth County, the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce encourages networking amongst all local businesses, including ones located in Freehold. The assistance of this organization and the town's booming downtown area both contribute to Freehold's thriving business environment.


Morristown's business environment thrives especially due to its unique downtown area. With an impressive variety of stores and restaurants, Morristown has a noteworthy reputation that brings in visitors from all over the state. Also distinctly known for trendy nightlife, Morristown's business environment also prospers from its appeal to younger and more youthful crowds. The Morris County Chamber of Commerce connects local businesses within Morris County and encourages networking amongst them, therefore also contributing to Morristown's impressive and quickly developing business environment.