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iPhone | Outlook | Gmail

Email Setup: iPhone

Go To Settings

Go To Passwords and Accounts

Under Accounts - Select Add Account

Select Other

Select Add Mail Account

iPhone Setup


Select POP or IMAP

iPhone Setup



Email Setup: Microsoft Outlook

Go To File

Select Add Account

Enter Email Address, Click Connect

Outlook Setup 1

Select POP or IMAP

Outlook Setup 2

Enter E Server Information (POP Port: 995 / IMAP Port: 993)

Outlook Setup 3

Enter Email / Server Information

Click Next

Outlook Setup 4

Enter Password, Click Connect

Outlook Setup 5

Click Done


Email Setup: Gmail

Warning: Gmail only allows setup as a POP Account. If your other devices are setup as IMAP accounts, you may miss email messages)

Login into GMail, Go to Settings, Go to Accounts and Import, Select Add a Mail Account

GMail Setup 1

Enter Email Address, Click Next

GMail Setup 2

Select Import emails from my other account (POP3)

GMail Setup 3

Enter email / server information (POP3)

GMail Setup 4

Select, Yes, I want to be able to send mail as

GMail Setup 5

Uncheck Treat As Alias and Click - Specify a different "reply-to" address

GMail Setup 6

Enter your name and a reply to email address, click Next Step

GMail Setup 7

Enter Outgoing Server Information (Check SSL)

GMail Setup 8

Gmail will Email you Verification Code for entry (check email)

GMail Setup 9

Also, click link in the Gmail Verification Email.